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«Кто по забывчивости начал пить или есть, тот завершает пост [в этот день]. Поистине, это Всевышний накормил и напоил его» (хадис от Абу Хурайры; св. х. аль-Бухари и Муслима).
«Кто продолжает лгать и лжесвидетельствовать в месяц поста, тот напрасно лишает себя пищи и питья» (хадис от Абу Хурайры; св. х. аль-Бухари)

А вы знаете что значит

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Сайты на английском

Описание раздела: Каталог сайтов (а также перечень крупных разделов сайта, посвящённых посту ) о Рамадане на английском языке с редакторским описанием и скриншотами
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Ramadan TV is the first television channel dedicated to the holy month of Ramadan

Provides Islamic information, women in Islam articles, and resources for Muslims and those seekers of the way of life that is called Islam, peace and submission to God

O you who believe, fasting is decreed for you, as it was decreed for those before you, that you may attain salvation. [2:183]
This site is dedicated to holy month of Ramadan in America

Islamweb is a site designed to enrich the viewers knowledge and appreciation of Islam

“Making this Ramadan Your Best Ramadan Ever”, together on a 30 days of spiritual journey

Discuss ideas, recipes, personal experiences, anything to help us get the maximum benefit from this beautiful month inshallah

With this new Ramadan website filled with advice, tips and techniques to tackle unproductivity this Ramadan, you might not know where to start when visiting our site for the first time, so here are a few pointers to get you started

‘MuslimVille Ramadan Competition’ was first organized for children of the Greater Toronto Area in the year 2002. Since then we have been organizing this competition every year and the program has drawn the attention of young boys and girls, and has received appreciation from Muslim parents, teachers and educationists. In 2008 about 700 children from different cities and towns from all over Canada & USA participated in this program. - Ramadhan & Fasting

Ramadan Information Center - Islamic Fasting

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Трапеза Рамадана -125:33
Трапеза Рамадана -12 (Лекции, проповеди)
Трапеза Рамадана - 135:04
Трапеза Рамадана - 13 (Лекции, проповеди)

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